Together, we are more powerful

From the front line to the finish line, we can achieve so much more when we work together. Whether it’s a Team GB athlete relying on their coach’s support, or someone turning to a Red Cross volunteer to get them through a tough time – connections and relationships are vital.

At a time when the pandemic has left people feeling lonelier than ever, the British Red Cross and Team GB are inspiring the nation to come together and look out for each other – and you can be a part of it!

By taking part in Game On, you’ll be raising vital funds to help us reach people in vulnerable situations across the UK, so they won’t have to face a crisis on their own.

This summer, let’s cheer on Team GB at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and celebrate the power of kindness.

One in five

people in the UK say they experience feelings of loneliness, and during the coronavirus pandemic many more of us felt anxious and isolated.


of UK adults find it hard to talk about their problems, at a time when so many people are having a difficult time.


of people who are not confident that they can cope with or recover from the changes to their life caused by the pandemic cited their mental health as a key factor.

Two women together smiling.

Support people coping with isolation

Last year, Adel was suffering from loneliness, and had little confidence – until Nazia from the British Red Cross came along to help her open up.

Through regular phone sessions with Adel, Nazia discovered that Adel had an elderly aunt, Aileen, who was also isolated due to the pandemic. Nazia decided to reach out to her and help Adel stay connected to her aunt.

Nazia sent them a ping pong set, to encourage them to get active and lift their spirits!

Adel said: “It's been uplifting, and it's been good for mental health. And it's helped me get through this difficult period. And that little phone call every now and again from Nazia you know, it just means something.”

Help bring young refugees together

Abi is a passionate volunteer with Surviving to Thriving, a British Red Cross project supporting young refugees and people seeking asylum to help them rebuild their lives and thrive in the UK.

“I just feel like it’s something I just love working within,” Abi says, “giving young people their voices back and being able to nurture them, because I was in the care system as well. I know it’s a difficult time.”

Abi, who is vision impaired, also introduces activities to help them understand her own experiences.

She said: “I played blind football for England at one point and we did a blind football activity with the young people. They loved it, honestly. It was so much fun.”

Red Cross Worker

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